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The Clinical Microcurrent Stimulator provides all the capability of formal clinical microcurrent machines: ability to adjust current levels, polarity, and frequency.

Two separate output channels, facial skin probes and TENS pads capable. Rechargeable battery, very portable, inexpensive pricing.

Not appropriate for electroacupuncture using needle stimulation.


Accessories include 2 sets of Dual Probes, pre cut Q-Tips, Tens Pads and Tens lead wires.  Battery charger included.

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Number of Channels:

2 totally independant

Type of current:

Microampere 0-1000 microamperes

Polarity   Positive, negative, bipolar

Frequency range

.5,2,5,10,20,40,80,100,160,200,1000,1500 hz.

Modes of operation Continuous


12 V rechargeable,Nickel-metal Hydride

Battery  tester Built in
Warranty   2 years
Service and repair   yes
 Accessories included  Two Dual Probes, two TENS lead wires, and TENS pads, pre-cut cotton Q-Tips

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